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Here is a list of campsites where our rental campers can be delivered, as well as their individual delivery charge

Battle Row

Delivery Charge: $400


Delivery Charge: $225

Cathedral Pines

Delivery Charge: $250

Cedar Point

Delivery Charge: $400

Cupsogue Beach

Delivery Charge: $350


Delivery Charge: $425

Hither Hills

Delivery Charge: $500

Indian Island

Delivery Charge: $250

Montauk Outer Beach

Delivery Charge: $550

Nickerson Beach

Delivery Charge: $500

Shinnecock East

Delivery Charge: $350

Smith Point

Delivery Charge: $250

South Haven

Delivery Charge: $200


Delivery Charge: $250


You are responsible for making your own campsite reservation with the campground. Your camper rental and campsite rental are two different things.

The Suffolk County Campground reservation website is located here:

You will need a Green-Key to make a reservation with the county. A Green Key card identifies the holder as a Suffolk County resident and entitles one access to Suffolk County Parks and no reduced fees for park activities.

County reservations can only be made 90 days (or less) out from the check in date desired. So if you want to check in on April 1st, you couldn’t make your county reservation until at least January 1st.

If you need help with your county park reservation, contact Suffolk County Parks Administration Office at (631) 854-4949.